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Age 22
Studying At Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Likes space, science, anime, music, programming, gaming, beer
Dislikes pineapple on pizza, pure mathematics

Hey there!

TL;DR of my life

I loved exploring tech every since I was a kid, having taken apart (read: broken) a telephone at the age of 6, made an LED torch at 7, and started fiddling with HTML/CSS/JS at 8.
Although my first proper experience with programming was at the age of 11, when I created my first Android app, with code shamelessly stolen from StackOverflow. And got my first soldering iron burn at the age of 12, when I frankenstein'd two broken phones to make a (questionably) working one.
Nowadays my life involves opening a beer can and bashing on the keyboard until the pixels on the screen change in a way I like.


I am interested in a lot of things, let's make a list:

  • Space was something I was interested in since forever, and I really want to go to space someday. For now, I participated and won a few astronomy olympiads and competitions, got a telescope of my own to stare at the sky and am currently trying to figure out radio astronomy.
  • I love reading about STEM topics, although mostly excluding the "M" in STEM (I don't like pure maths; I am an engineer).
  • I have been watching/reading anime & manga since a long time now. It's my favorite form of entertainment, and for a variety of reasons, I prefer them over other forms of entertainment.
  • And of course, I am a gamer, been playing games ever since I got to use my first PC.
  • Can't leave out programming, after all, it's what I do both for a living and as a hobby.
  • Ofcourse, that includes hacking too! Both hardware and software hacking, including but not limited to RF-snooping, CTFs, reverse engineering, etc.
Editor's Note: This list is incomplete and ever expanding.

Current Life Status

About to graduate from university!